Liveable green suburbs in Melbourne

Liveable green suburbs in Melbourne

Melbourne has long been a popular city for expats, professionals and well-off Australians looking to stay comfortable at a big cosmopolitan city. Melbourne certainly has many incredible urban allures, being Australia’s “cultural capital” and all, but the city’s liveability is definitely its best attraction. Melbourne has a variety of wonderful neighbourhoods with easy access to the city centre, good schools, shops, rooftop bars, parks and, not to mention, plenty of AFL soccer stadiums. Here are some of the city’s leafy neighbourhoods to start a memorable life as a “Melburnian”:

Glen Iris East

Located about 10 kilometres from Melbourne’s business district, Glen Iris has been the most populated area of the city for a long time. You may have heard of it as the home of Miles Franklin award-winning author George Johnston, the cricketer Colin McDonald or the Kiwi singer Ross Ryan. If not, you’ve probably heard of the Melbourne’s Golden Triangle, one leg of which extends to the ritzy suburb of Glen Iris East. The neighbourhood’s property value skyrocketed in the past years even as overall property values plummeted. Here’s the place for people who love Gold Rush-era architecture with a modern twist. Stunning, safe and extremely convenient with gutter cleaning services included, this is the place to be for those who love style and elegance.

What are the top suburbs in Melbourne?

What are the top suburbs in Melbourne?


To Melbourne’s northwest is Essendon, an eye-catching suburb with breathtaking houses in Edwardian, Victorian and Federation style houses. Needless to say, period property lovers will find it hard to leave. Essendon has seen a steady rise in property values since the global financial meltdown in 2009, with price hikes up to 15 percent edging just over a million Australian dollars in monetary value. Essendon has many perks for discerning home buyers well above the aesthetic appeal. The area is home to some of the finest private schools in Australia. There’s actually a variety for parents to choose from. Plus, there’s a CityLink tollway that makes commuting to and from the central business district as easy as a quick walk in the park.

East Melbourne

East Melbourne holds its ground as one of the most desirable suburbs. Despite being small, East Melbourne has a long history and captivating architecture associated with it. This is where some of the most important state government institutions are located, including the Parliament of Victoria, so the prices won’t be going down anytime soon. East Melbourne is as affluent as Kensington is in London. Some of Australia’s oldest infrastructure is located in East Melbourne, including terrace houses, gardens, parks and playgrounds. Complementing the historical landmarks are tranquil getaways like the Treasury Gardens, Fitzroy Gardens and Yarra Park, which holds the famous Melbourne Cricket Ground. Queen Anne-style apartments, hassle-free transport and relaxing scenery makes East Melbourne one of the finest suburbs in Australia.

South Yarra

Unlike the somewhat cramped East Melbourne, South Yarra has plenty of open spaces to move around. Its proximity to the coast makes South Yarra particularly endearing to beach lovers and sun worshippers. Plus, South Yarra is quite literally leafy, with well shaded landscapes, parks and a charming botanical garden. Businesses like CPC Services and Complete Gutter Solutions are particularly famous here. South Yarra has consistently ranked in top rankings as a hip suburb in Melbourne, and with panoramic hills in the distance, enviable public transport, lack of traffic and a low crime rate, how could it not? South Yarra will be perfect for young home buyers as it has an array of chic cafes, restaurants, shopping centres, cultural hubs and amazing entertainment options.


Looking for a glitzy suburb flashing dollar signs? Then look no further than Brighton, hailed as one of Australia’s most luxurious neighbourhoods. This beachside neighbourhood has the opulence of the French Riviera, and all the convenience of a world-class leafy suburb. Brace yourself for swanky beach homes (that comes with a sky-high price tag), cafes, restaurants and bars. There are excellent grammar schools, secondary schools and the Monash University close by for families looking to settle at a comfortable neighbourhood. Public transport is spotless and of course there are plenty of parks and recreations centres for evening strolls and picnics. For the truly high-end residents, there are golf clubs, kite surfing centres and the Dendy Park bridge club, one of the most prestigious in the world.

Melbourne itself is one of the coolest cities to lay down roots in Australia. All of the above neighbourhoods are the best in the city that will provide residents with one of a kind living experience unparalleled by anywhere else.

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