Melbourne vs. Sydney

Melbourne vs. Sydney

Real estate in Sydney continues to soar according to recent news articles on the web. When searching for real estate in Sydney online, a nice home in the suburbs of Sydney can easily reach a price range in the millions very quickly. Most real estate agents would say that if you compare the cost for real estate in Sydney vs real estate in Melbourne, you would notice there are higher price ranges for listing in Sydney.

One way to compare the property market in Sydney vs the property market in Melbourne is to compare the highest price ranges in both Sydney NSW 2000 and Melbourne Vic 3000. You can check these prices on any website that real estate agents publish for searching homes available in the property market in Sydney and the property market in Melbourne. The highest price for the property market in Sydney is in the price range of twelve million while the highest price for the property market in Melbourne is only around three and a half million for a luxury penthouse.


Real Estate agents will confirm that the latest information continues to be that if you are interested in buying a new home in the suburbs of Sydney, you will be unpleasantly surprised when you find out how high prices have become. Although over the last few decades a high number of real estate agents have closed real estate transactions with high prices in both cities, no one can deny that Sydney’s growth is much more spectacular. When comparing Sydney to Melbourne, you will notice that both cities are close in total population numbers. Sydney is the largest city in Australia followed by Melbourne. There are several factors that make real estate in Melbourne much less expensive.

The values of homes in Sydney have recently increased over fifty percent due to a combination of government and political influences and an economy that is continuously advancing to new heights with many high paying jobs. Real estate in Melbourne is lower because there is more happening in Sydney which has now become the most popular city in Australia. People are comparing Sydney to Hollywood because it is the now the cultural hub of Australia.

Sydney has become a home away from LA to many world famous celebrities. Melbourne does not have the glamorous appeal of LA and is comparable to the mid western United States. Many people want to be close to the action and near the center of the spotlight and choose to live in the suburbs of world famous cities where celebrities live. Sydney has developed a reputation for higher quality. There is more complex planning involved and a more active organized government with more resources than Melbourne.

On the other hand, Melbourne is often described as the most liveable city in the whole world and the quality of life is very highg. The “sports capital of the world” attracts also many people who want to buy or rent real estate in Melbourne which causes the explosion of house prices as well.

Ironman Asia-Pacific Championship Melbourne 2015

Melbourne was once more host of the Ironman Asia-Pacific Championsip on May 22, 2015.

The average price range for a home in Sydney is over half a million dollars. Sydney has surpassed New York and LA as a more expensive city to live. If there is a continued positive increase over the next few decades Sydney, Australia can become even more popular, richer, and greater in population size. Just a few more reasons for us to rather buy or rent property in Melbourne:D

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