New Home Inspections

New Home Inspections

There is nothing more exciting than purchasing a new home. Being able to select a neighborhood, choose special paints and make other choices is often a once in a lifetime experience.

When purchasing a home, having a pre-purchase inspection is extremely important. If you are taking out a mortgage in Australia, the lender will have a personal appraisal. However, this does not give you assurance that there are unexpected problems, such as electrical lines that are not connected properly, heating elements that do not work, failure to follow the local building code and so forth. Although building contractors are careful when they are building, errors can occur.

Requirements of a Home Inspector

Unfortunately, in Australia, there are no regulations regarding house inspections personnel so it is important to be sure that you contact a person who is fully qualified. Some work for a company, others are independent contractors. The person you hire should either be a builder or have extensive knowledge regarding all phases of building.


The fee for building inspection services varies according to who is doing the work and are based on age, style, type of structure, location and extra services requested. An empty new house, for example, will be easier to inspect than an older one and therefore costs less. On an average, a home of approximately 155 squares of living space will cost from $380 upward.

old house inspection

Building inspections for old houses are usually pricier. Image by Mike Lugubrious under the CC BY-ND 2.0 License

House Inspection Checklist

A home inspector not only inspects all areas of a newly constructed home but also takes pictures. This means crawling under a house as well as going into the attic. They will make sure the local town or building code is followed as well as look for any pest problems, deficiencies and/or safety issues. In addition, they must make sure the building conforms to registered plans.

As a rule, approximately 2-1/2 to 3-1/2 hours are required on the site with an additional 3 to 4 hours for photo editing. You should receive a building inspection report, with any deficiency noted, approximately 6 hours after the inspection.

New Home Inspection Results

On a new home, a building contractor will have a number of sub-contractors employed. Each one works on a different phase of the building such as plumbing, electrical, roofing and other areas. If the building inspection report shows deficiencies in any area, it must be repaired prior to moving into the building.

This new home inspection report may show things such as missing attic insulation, ducts for heating and air conditioning improperly installed, loose shingles, failure to follow code or other things that could cause problems after moving in. Having a house inspections professional checking out the entire house is a smart move for a new homebuyer.

House Inspection Checklist

If you are selecting a building inspector on your own always interview two or three people. Following are certain qualifications you should check prior to engaging their services.

• How long they have been providing building inspection services

• Should have an in depth knowledge of the building industry

• Names of people who can give references

• Do they belong to a building association, such as Master Builders Australia

• Do they have indemnity insurance

Choosing having a pre-purchase inspection report will provide the assurance that you are moving into a new home that is free from problems that will require time and money to repair. Any problems found will be repaired by the building contractor, prior to moving in, with no expense to you.

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