Real Estate Agents in Melbourne

If you are preparing to buy or sell real estate in Melbourne, you may be wondering if you should work with real estate agents and if their services are worth the fees that they may charge you. Each case is unique, but generally, real estate agencies and their representatives provide true benefits to buyers and sellers alike. After learning more about what to expect from working with Melbourne estate agents, you may be ready to move forward with your real estate plans.

Who Does the Agent Represent?

When you reach out to a real estate agency for assistance with your property transaction in Melbourne, you may be wondering if the Melbourne estate agents will represent your interests or the other party’s interests. Typically, both the buyer and the seller will select their own Melbourne estate agents to work with. Each agent will work to represent the best interests of his or her client, and they will negotiate with each other and facilitate the transaction through their efforts.

real estate agencies in Frankston, Victoria

Real estate agencies in Frankston, Melbourne.

What is the Difference Between Residential and Commercial Real Estate Agents?

When you are searching for an agent to work with, you may find that some are residential agents while others or commercial real estate agents. Some real estate agencies may work with both commercial and residential transactions, but others may focus on one specific area. It is important that you find the right type of agency for your needs. Keep in mind that commercial real estate agents may have experience with retail, office and other types of commercial properties. Residential agents may have experience with houses, condos and other types of dwellings.

Property for Sale in Melbourne

Real Estate & Property Market in Melbourne, Victoria. Image by Yasser Alghofily under the CC BY-2.0 License

How Much is the Commission?

Another common question that people have when working with Melbourne estate agents relates to the amount of the commission and who pays for it. Keep in mind that this is typically negotiable by both parties, and both parties can negotiate with their own real estate agencies as well. There may also be rules and regulations regarding these fees in some areas of Australia, so you should keep this in mind as you work with your Melbourne real estate agents to negotiate the fees.

What Services Do Real Estate Agents Provide?

Real estate agents generally provide a full range of services for both buyers and sellers alike. For example, buyers services may include market research, home tours, negotiating the sales price and more. Sellers services may include developing a fair market price analysis, researching comps, marketing, sales price negotiations and other related services. These services can be used to help you find the right property, sell your property, get a great deal and achieve your goals.

Working with a real estate agency firm in Melbourne is not a requirement, and you can choose to work on the transaction on your own. However, you may find that the knowledge, experience and dedication of a hard working real estate agent is truly beneficial to you throughout the transaction. With this in mind, you may be ready to reach out to Melbourne real estate agents for assistance today.